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Peer reviewed Journals
(*: Corresponding author; Underlined: Undergraduate and graduate author)


Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Florencia Marcón, Jennifer Duringer, Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Hui-Ling Liao*. 2022. Leaf mycobiome and mycotoxin profile of warm-season grasses structured by plant species, geography, and apparent black-stromata fungal structure. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. In Press. (PDF)

Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Jessica Nelson*. 2022. A Scoping Review of Bryophyte Microbiota: Diverse Microbial Communities in Small Plant Packages. Journal of Experimental Botany 73 (16): 4496-4513.(Invited Review) (PDF)

Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Hui-Ling Liao, A Elizabeth Arnold, Hailee Korotkin, Steven Wu; P. Brandon Matheny, François Lutzoni. 2022. Comparative transcriptomics of fungal endophytes in co-culture with their moss host Dicranum scoparium reveals fungal trophic lability and moss unchanged to slightly increased growth rates. New Phytologist 234 (5): 1832-1847(PDF)

Ko-Hsuan Chen*; Qiao-Yi Xie; Chiung-Chih Chang; Li-Yaung Kuo*. 2022. Mycobiome detection from a single subterranean gametophyte using metabarcoding techniques. Applications in Plant Sciences 10 (2): e11461. (PDF)


Hui-Ling Liao*, Gregory Bonito, Khalid Hameed, Steven H Wu, Ko-Hsuan Chen, Jesse Labbé, Christopher W Schadt, Gerald A Tuskan, Francis Martin, Alan Kuo, Kerrie Barry, Igor V Grigoriev, Rytas Vilgalys. 2021. Heterospecific Neighbor Plants Impact Root Microbiome Diversity and Molecular Function of Root Fungi. Frontier in Microbiology. (PDF)

Mattia De Vivo*, Wen-Hong Wang, Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Jen-Pan Huang. First detection of Colletotrichum fructicola (Ascomycota) on horsehair worms (Nematomorpha). 2021. Biodiversity Data Journal 9.e72798. (PDF)

Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Reid Longley, Gregory Bonito, Hui-Ling Liao*. A Two-Step PCR Protocol Enabling Flexible Primer Choice and High Sequencing Yield for Illumina MiSeq Meta-Barcoding. 2021. Agronomy 11 (7), 1274. (PDF)


Jason Hoeksema*, Colin Averill, Jennifer M Bhatnagar, Edward Brzostek, Erika Buscardo, Ko-Hsuan Chen, Hui-Ling Liao, Laszlo Nagy, Nahuel Policelli, Joanna Ridgeway, J Alejandro Rojas, Rytas Vilgalys. 2020. Ectomycorrhizal Plant-Fungal Co-invasions as Natural Experiments for Connecting Plant and Fungal Traits to Their Ecosystem Consequences. Frontier in Forests and Global Change. 3, 84. (PDF)


Ko-Hsuan Chen, Ann Blount, Brittany Justesen, Joseph H. Walter, Marcelo Wallau, Hui-Ling Liao*. First report of the association of Myriogenospora atramentosa with the plant genus Hemarthria. Plant Health Progress 20 (4), 244-246 (PDF)

Lukas Beule, Ko-Hsuan Chen, Chih-Ming Hsu, Cheryl Mackowiak, Jose Carlos B. Dubeux, Jr, Ann Blount, Hui-Ling Liao*. 2019. Soil bacterial and fungal communities of six bahiagrass cultivars. PeerJ. 7:e7014 (PDF)

Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Hui-Ling Liao, Jean-Philippe Bellenger, François Lutzoni. 2019. Differential gene expression associated with fungal trophic shifts along the senescence gradient of the moss Dicranum scoparium. 2019. Environmental Microbiology. 21: 2273-2289. (PDF)

(Featured in Issue Cover)

Gregory Bonito*, Gian Maria Niccolò Benucci, Khalid Hameed, Deborah Weighill, Piet Jones, Ko-Hsuan Chen, Daniel Jacobson, Christopher Schadt, Rytas Vilgalys. 2019. Fungal-bacterial networks in the Populus rhizobiome are impacted by soil properties but not host genotype. Frontiers in Microbiology. 10: 481. (PDF)


Hailee B. Korotkin, Rachel A. Swenie, Otto Miettinen, Jessica M. Budke, Ko-Hsuan Chen, François Lutzoni, Matthew E. Smith, and P. Brandon Matheny*. 2018. Stable isotope analyses reveal previously unknown trophic mode diversity in the Hymenochaetales.  American Journal of Botany: 105 (11): 1869-1887. (PDF) (Featured in issue cover) 

Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Hui-Ling Liao, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Gregory Bonito, François Lutzoni. 2018. RNA-based analyses reveal fungal communities structured by a senescence gradient in the moss Dicranum scoparium and the presence of putative multi-trophic fungi. New Phytologist 218: 1597-1611. (PDF)


Ko-Hsuan Chen*, Jolanta Miadlikowska, Katalin Molnár, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Jana M. U’Ren, Ester Gaya, Cécile Gueidan, François Lutzoni. 2015. Phylogenetic analyses of eurotiomycetous endophytes reveal their close affinities to Chaetothyriales, Eurotiales, and a new order – Phaeomoniellales. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 85: 117-130. (PDF)

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Other publications

陳可萱,2022。揭開森林地下網絡 真菌的斜槓人生。環境資訊中心生物多樣性專欄。(Link)

陳可萱,2022。從魔戒森林到借物少女 —— 野地到實驗室的苔蘚植物及真菌研究。中研院訊特刊02。 (Link)

陳可萱, 2021。人類影響下的森林地下網絡-樹木和菌根菌的跨界對話。林業研究專訊:28:3:10-12。(Link)

李俊佑、游漢明、陳可萱、林子超, 2021。外來植物成功入侵的潛在黑手-菌根菌的角色及交互作用。林業研究專訊:28:3:26-30。(Link)

Ann Blount, Sunny Liao, Ko-Hsuan Chen, Marcello Wallau, Doug Mayo, Brittney Justesen, Clay Cooper. 2018. Are endophytes and mycotoxins in Florida forages affecting cattle performance? Panhandle Ag e-News. University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Ko-Hsuan Chen. 2017. Evolution of fungal endophytes and their functional transitions between endophytism and saprotrophism. PhD Thesis. Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA.


Ko-Hsuan Chen. 2013. Phylogenetic relationships of endophytic and endolichenic fungi reveal a new order within the class Eurotiomycetes. Volume 103. Phytopathology.

Ko-Hsuan Chen. 2010. The Diatrypaceae of Taiwan. Master Thesis. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

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