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2023 Feb:

Congrats to Connie (鄭耕宇, co-advised with Dr. Shih-Hui Liu) for her successful defense!! We are very proud of you!







2022 Oct:

New paper on fungi & mycotoxin of forage and weed grasses (PDF), hope one day we can continue on this topic in Asia/Taiwan!

A scoping review on bryophytes microbiome (PDF)

2022 April:

- Several papers published in the past few months!! Check them out! 

Chen et al. 2022 about moss-fungal interaction (PDF)

Chen et al. 2022 about fungi living in non-photosynthetic fern gametophytes (this was started by our summer intern undergraduate student Qiao‐Yi Hsieh!) (PDF)

Chen et al. 2021 on amplicon-seq methodology (PDF)

De vivo et al. 2021 on Colletotrichum fructicola (plant pathogen!) associated with the super cool/weird/crazy horsehair worm (PDF)

2021 JULY:

- Welcome Che-Chih (postdoc) and Chia-An (MS student) to join us!

2021 JUne:

- Congrats to Joy for receiving the College Student Research Scholarship from MOST!

2020 December : 

- We received a bilateral fund in collaboration with the University of Liège, Belgium, to study lichen/bryophytes microbiome!! Looking forward to working with new & old friends!! 

- Congrats to Che-Chih Chen for receiving postdoc funding from MOST! Can't wait for you to join us in July!


2020 November : 

- Welcome Chiung-Chih Chang, new Research Assistant to join us!! 

2020 September: 

- Check out our new website: "Map of Bryophytes in Academia Sinica"!!! 

2020 August:

- Welcome Rong-Chien Lin, new postdoc associate, to join us!! 

- An interview about some of our favorite fungi (by English News)!

- Project funded! We are awarded a 3-year project to study Sphagnum microbiome by MOST! 


2020 July:

- Welcome TingTing & Joy, our new BRCAS summer interns!!

- New paper published in Frontier in Forests & Global Change on Pine-ECM fungi co-invasion. 

- First expedition to look for Ophioderma in Fushan, success!! Many thanks to Chien-Jung & Li-Yaung for organizing. Also thanks to our amazing RA & student interns!

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